Short-term Airbnb Property Management Services

Airbnb premium property management

Houseebe is created by fully licensed real Estate Agents. We provide an end to end full property management service, taking over the entire short-term rental process. We take care of every single detail, from conditioning your home to listing creation, from hosting guests to watering your plants. Our goal is to maximise your income and revenue. You don’t need to worry about any detail, you can be anywhere and we will do all the hard work for you. Personalised Airbnb property management .

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We convert your property into a successful listing, advising you through all the processes. Our Guest experience team works 24/7 a week making sure guests are always comfortable at your place. You are in good hands. Just sit back and relax while we do everything for you.

Housebee Property Services

Home styling, professional photography, listing creation, price optimization, SEO, property access, cleaning, communication, guest verification, management, maintenance, gardening are some of our premium services.

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What is included in our airbnb management fees?

Housebee takes care of everything your property needs

Listing Creation

We create an attractive listing for your Airbnb property. We take professional photographs of your property, create a perfect description to find your guests, and if needed we can advise you on how to style your apartment

Professional HouseKeeping

Our Professional cleaners maintain your property spotless. We offer 5-star housekeeping services. Housekeeping is one of the key factors in Airbnb property management services, and we have mastered it. We also restock your property with all the necessary toiletries.

Price Optimisation

Our team is made of Airbnb property management experts. We know how to highlight the unique features of your property. We use software and local knowledge to optimise prices, using dynamic prices to earn more during peak seasons.

Property Maintenance

Our team regularly inspects your property to make sure everything is in perfect condition.
Set up your maintenance budget and we will sort out all the property issues. We will inform you throughout the process. You don’t need to waste your thinking about this. Our team also provides gardening, plumbing, electrical repairs, painting and flooring services.

Guest Vetting

For us, it is very important to keep your property safe. We screen guests and select the ones that best fit your property. HouseBee also uses third parties screening companies for guest verification. Home
Property insurance is a must to avoid any issue.

Guest Communication

Booking requests are responded as soon as possible. We know how important it is to respond to a request timely, therefore our team works 24/7. Our team communicates with the guest before, during and after the booking to make sure 5-star rating is given.

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What we do

It is simple. We manage your property through Airbnb taking care of everything.

What we do

Housebee would take your property into the next level